ByteShield has developed a unique DRM system which protects your games and applications against illegal copying without impacting honest, paying customers. Most existing DRM solutions use a variety of invasive media and machine centric approaches that disrupt an end user’s computer and limit their ability to play without interruption.

Happy Customers = Repeat Customers

Our revolutionary DRM technology was designed from the ground up to ensure maximum transparency and flexibility for end-users. Our proven technology registers and authenticates paying customers in a painless, non-intrusive manner – keeping end-users happy while providing un-paralleled protection and cost savings for publishers, developers, distributors, and online portals.

Minimize theft, Maximize Revenue

The ByteShield DRM system virtually eliminates game and application piracy during the earliest and most important stages of a game’s/application’s lifecycle. A minor conversion in piracy could significantly impact your revenue. Simply put, ByteShield can drive your margins sky high!

Lower your costs, ship your game/application faster!

Our breakthrough DRM solution was designed to be easily deployed in multiple environments. Publishers can quickly and easily protect games/applications from multiple producers in a matter of minutes. Game developers can focus on games/applications and not DRM. Distributors and online portals can quickly and seamlessly integrate new titles into their portfolios. In addition, ByteShield DRM provides robust reporting tools, patching technology, and much more….

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