About Us


Mission: Protect PC games from illegal usage without impacting paying gamers. Breakthrough DRM!

ByteShield’s unique approach to DRM and copy protection provides users with a transparent, safe and un-intrusive solution while giving PC game and PC application developers, publishers, distributors and portals flexible licensing management with a high level of protection. ByteShield’s proven technology has received customer and industry accolades from organizations such as Reclaim Your Game (RYG), a gamers group for sensible DRM solutions. RYG has tested and endorsed ByteShield’s solution. ByteShield has received a patent for its DRM and copy protection. ByteShield won the 2009 ‘Most Innovative Software for the Software Industry’ award by SoftwareCEO/CompTIA.

ByteShield, Inc., a privately held California corporation with headquarters in San Francisco, was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2003.